In a world in which the word “respect” seems to have disappeared, at Cà du Ferrà Farm & Relax we take pride in putting into practice every day the philosophy of the 3Rs:

  • Respect for people
  • Respect for animals
  • Respect for the environment

Respect for People

We believe that each person is unique and special: for this reason, whoever stays with us is treated as our personal guest, and not just as a customer.
To have a direct contact with people, to get the opportunity to see a face, to shake a hand, to welcome personally each of our guests with a warm smile are for us fundamental values.
In a world where everything is reduced to a mere number, we still believe in the value and respect for everyone and for each one, regardless of sex, race, language, age, sexual orientation, philosophical and religious beliefs, political opinions and personal and social status.
We believe in a world made of respect and free from discriminations.
We are a gay-friendly structure open to all LGBT people.
Everyone will be welcome here with us and we would like everyone to feel free to be just themselves.

Respect for Animals

All pets are welcome and can stay for free.
We love all animals, and we have always had pampered and cuddled cats in our home.
Because of our love for man’s best friends we are against hunting and vivisection.
We support campaigns to help stray animals and we try to promote a pet-friendly culture.

Respect for the Environment 

Attention and respect for the environment have always characterized us: we believe that handing down to the next generation a better future and a better environment is a precise moral duty.
In all our rooms and outside spaces energy-saving light bulbs are installed.
The air conditioning and heating systems and all the room appliances are eco-friendly.
All the rooms have double glazing in accordance with the current laws on thermal insulation. The bathrooms are equipped with a system regulating the flow of water in the WC, shower and washbasin.
Guests are given information on how to avoid useless towel changes.
We don’t use tumble-dryers, as the laundry is simply sun-dried.
We have a waste-recycling programme for glass, paper, plastic and organic waste.
We promote the welfare and fertility of our plots of land and vineyards: we are currently reconverting them from conventional farming techniques to certified biological agriculture, without chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizers or OGMs.
Also our garden and our flowers are tended exclusively with biological products.
We support a healthy, natural and high-quality agriculture.
We promote sustainable means of locomotion such as bicycles and trains.
All our leaflets are printed on 100% recycled ecological paper certified by “Blaue Engel”, the first and best known environmental certification in the world since 1978.

Well, you got the message: we are eco-friendly!